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Safeguard-CTT-TT-S22010(E) Toy Products Recall Notifications-2022 report 10


In order to protect consumer legitimate rights, the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia together with other countries in the world has established special notification systems to provide information of products which may cause risk to people health and safety.

A total of 61 notifications of children's toys were declared in EU RAPEX are from Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Finland,France, Germany, Greece,Hungary, Ireland,Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom; 3 notifications in Healthy Canadians official website; 2 notifications in Australian product safety recalls official website; 3 notifications in CPSC official website during the 45th and the 48th week of 2022.  Except the notification in Australian product safety recalls official website, in which the original country of toys are not mentioned, up to 58 notifications of children’s toys are from China among all those notifications. Toys were notified  because of Contains or is prone to produce small parts, Phthalates content exceeds the limit level,  Boron content exceeds the limit level,etc.

For more details about those notifications please click here.

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