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With the improved life quality, people havehigher demands for fashion items such as shoes and bags. Consumers are gettingattentions to the product feature such as healthy, environmental friendlyrather than comfortable and beautiful. Under these circumstances, environmentalsafety regulations concerning footwear, and leather products have beendeveloped to restrict the harmful substances in products and raw materials bycountries/ regions all over the world, such as Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), California proposition 65 (CP65), EUREACH,Safety technical specifications forchildren' s footwear (GB 30585), Leatherand fur―Limit of harmful matter (GB 20400) and The restriction of hazardous materials in polyvinyl chloride artificialleather (GB 21550), etc.

Consumer Testing Technology(CTT) is a leading professional organization in the testing industry, which canprovide you with corresponding testing services in footwear and leather products accordingto different national regulations and buyer requirements. The maximum in accordancewith specified test requirements reduce the risk of trade friction and protectthe interests of producers and consumers, satisfying the changing regulationsof different countries/regions and customers' increased quality request.

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